Diabetes in Cats: How do I inject?

How to give insulin injections to cats?

Diabetes in cats and injecting insulin... Brrrr that usually sends chills down many people's spines!
Diabetes in Cats - how to inject insulin

Are cats afraid of injections and syringes?

If you are afraid of giving your cat an injection, don't be. We, cats, don't really feel much at all if you put a needle in a fold of skin in the neck. We may even think you are playing or petting us. When I was I a younger cat, in fact, I used to purrrrr quite a bit when I was getting my injections. Now I just purrrr all the time as long as it's somewhere warm and cosy.

Finding the right type of syringe is important. You can make the process more comfortable for your cat and a lot of faster for you when you pick the right kind of needle (sharp, easy to hold, easy to plunge, easy to store)

Do insulin injections for cats hurt your cat?

Marcia King, of netpets.com, and Mosette Eibert, a vet with diabetic cat, explain the procedure.
While cat owners may cringe at the idea of injecting their cats, most cats find injections far less horrid than pilling. "You don't really have to restrain the cat," says Eibert. "Just pick up the skin between the shoulder blades, stick the needle in, and you're done. "Henson advises holding the syringe so that "you can insert the needle and push the plunger without having to adjust your grip. One finger should be poised over the plunger when you insert the needle into the skin. Some people put the needle in and then let go of the syringe for a second so they can get their finger over the plunger. This makes the needle bounce around and hurt."

How inject your diabetic cat

Told you, it's easier than you thought. Here is a quick recap:
  1. Put your cat on an elevated surface (table) or in lap. Hold in place with one hand if necessary. Pet your cat with hand if enjoyable.
  2. Grab syringe in other free hand, hold between index and middle fingers, thumb in position on the plunger.
  3. Pick up the skin behind the shoulder blades.
  4. Insert needle in loose skin.
  5. Push plunger without waiting.
  6. Take needle out.
  7. Pet cat or kiss cat or hug cat, whichever feels appropriate.
  8. You're done.

Well, I got a fur ball to run after now, so I'll meowww to you again later. Hope this tip helped you if you were looking for treatment information against diabetes in cats. If you have a question about caring for cats that you would like answered, leave 'a paw print', well I mean, leave a comment.

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